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We at NHIDA are happy to share a new initiative we call READ for Parents

Beginning Wednesday 10/14/2020, NHIDA will host a free, one-hour Zoom session for parents every other month that focuses on a topic from the IDA Dyslexia Fact Sheets. If you don’t know about the fact sheets, be sure to check them out; they’re current, relevant, and full of great information. In addition to our board member panelists, each session will include a guest speaker with deep knowledge of the topic.

Upcoming Sessions

Past READ for Parents Sessions

Oct. 14, 2020 – Dyslexia Basics with Dr. Kelli Sandman-Hurley

Dec. 9, 2020 – Advocating for Students with Dyslexia in Public Schools with Caryl Patten & Michael Patten

Feb. 10, 2021 – Dyslexia Assessment with Dr. Melissa Farrall

April 14, 2021 – Effective Reading Instruction for Students with Dyslexia

June 9, 2021 – Homeschooling with Claudia Golda-Dominguez, Marie Thibodeau, & Brittany Lovejoy

Message from the President

Brenda Peters, NHIDA PresidentHello Friends of NHIDA, 

I am thrilled, nervous, and excited to be the new branch president for NHIDA. I would like to  acknowledge Aileen Cormier for the amazing work she and the branch accomplished under her  leadership. It is my honor to following in her footsteps.  

A bit about me … My husband and two sons have dyslexia. The path to getting my sons the support they needed was long and sometimes hard. As a parent there was so much, I did not know. Turns out the IDA Fact Sheets were an invaluable tool for me on this journey.  

After my youngest son was diagnosed with dyslexia in third grade, I left my career as an organizational development consultant and went back to school to became certified as a reading and writing specialist, a learning disabilities specialist, and a specialist in the assessment of intellectual functioning. Now, as director of the Children’s Dyslexia Centers – Seacoast Learning Center, I am also an instructor of dyslexia practitioners through the therapy level.  

Over the years I have consulted with hundreds of parents and practitioners who were looking for  support, just like I had. I have consistently directed them to the IDA Fact Sheets. Our new branch  initiative, READ for Parents, is a natural extension of the Fact Sheet. These every-other-month  FREE webinars center on a Fact Sheet and feature guest speakers with deep knowledge on the  topic. Our next webinar on February 10, Dyslexia Assessment, features guest speakers Dr.  Melissa Farrall and Susan Morbey. We hope you join us for these informational sessions (see  below). 

Our board is comprised of volunteer members from the areas we serve including New  Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Throughout the year we work hard to bring quality structured  literacy instruction, information, and support to our region. Here’s some of what we have  planned for the year: 

  • Project Read – Primary Phonics webinar – January 13 – 27, 
  • Wilson Language Training collaboration – February 1-26, 
  • READ for Parents FREE Webinar– Dyslexia Assessment with Dr. Melissa Farrall – February 10, 
  • Newsletter – February 27, 
  • READ for Parents FREE Webinar – Effective Reading Instruction with Beth McClure – April 14, 
  • READ for Parents FREE Webinar – Homeschooling with Brittany Lovejoy, Marie  Thibodeau, and Claudia Golda-Dominguez – June 9, 
  • READ for Parents FREE Webinar – Stress and Anxiety with Noel Foy on August 11,  Newsletter – August 11,
  • Annual NHIDA Virtual Conference – September,  
  • READ for Parents FREE Webinar – Understanding Dysgraphia – October 13, and READ for Parents FREE Webinar – TBD – December 8. 

I look forward to working with our amazing board to bring this quality content to you. If you  have questions, comments, or concerns please reach out; we want to hear from you. 

Be well, 


Brenda Peters, MA, MEd, SAIF, ICALP

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